Monday, October 24, 2011

Steampunk Smexiness at Vintage Prices!

Ladies hold on to your bloomers! I just so happened to stumble across a new group, which of course I joined called Italian Taste Addicted, which is headed by non other than Aliza Karu!  

I was at Aliza's store, AD (Angels and Demons) when I found this incredible Steampunk Victorian Gothic superb skirt that was marked ON SALE!!!! This skirt is part of the group of items that are ON SALE today through this group.  Oh and all of the items are selling for 50L each!  For information regarding their items you can visit these websites:

OK so like a rabbid zombie on a feeding binge I ran to every single store and picked up all of the COORDINATING pieces to complete the outfit.  Yes people, they are not RANDOM pieces on sale; they create a holy crap you are wearing the most amazing outfit possible ensemble!

Here are a few pictures of the outfit all put together.

Here is a close up of Aliza Karu's fabulous skirt for all to see! And it has a gorgeous bow in the back.

In this amazing gathering of designers you will get not only the coordinating shirt by Wap Design, but also a luscious makeup with nose ribbon from *LpD* Skins, an incredible hat that comes with the super glam white hair by Solidea Folies, and really great gear necklace from Rève Jewelry.  See below for pictures showing you the details.

Oh and did I mention there are SHOES?!!!!!  These are from Chrysalis.

Why are you still reading?!!! You should be at AD shopping right now!  Enjoy!!!


  1. ty! i'm very happy you like our creations!♥♥

  2. Thank you! I'm so happy that you're enjoying our creations :)