Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Finds at Prism

To me there is nothing more fun than shopping for fall clothes.  I absolutely adore the color scheme with all it's rust, oranges, reds, yellows and browns.  Also, there is something very comforting about super soft and warm knits that just makes it feel like comfort food to me. It's like the clothes are hugging you softly and keeping you nice and cozy in the crisp autumn air.  I must tell you, I am very happy to have found the store called Prism thanks to my friend Jai who just MUST take me shopping sometimes. :)

To check out the store for yourself just take this taxi over: .

Today I bring you three outfits that I just had to have for when I want to rock the uber sexy and classy fall look while checking out the sites in SL.  The first is called Savanna, and I got this outfit in Orange!  It has a gorgeous Giraffe print on the cropped top (cause I just needed to have something that was between warm and hawt).  The jeans that come with it are in the matching color and fit like a glove! I love that the knit top has very nice long sleeves that flare out just a tiny bit to keep my hands nice and warm.

Savanna in Orange
MANDALA Mikoto belt
Finesmith Glance Jewelry set
Pixel Fashion Babsy Clogs in Brown
Pocket Mirror Sabrianne Hair

The next outfit is called Denise and I got this one in Maroon with Black shirt.  It comes with the pinstripe pants and cropped jacket as well as the super hot and sexy black halter top. The soft fabric on the pants and jacket have a bit of a sheen to them which makes it an excellent outfit you can take from day into a night on the town.

Denise in Maroon
CaTwA hair Caron Roots Gray
Virtual Impressions Beverly Jewelry set
N-Core shoes
MANDALA Kookai belt

The last outfit is a gorgeous and super comfortable knit mini dress called Lynne.  I got this one in Black and Gray and accented it with red accessories.  This is the kind of dress that is so comfortable you might think you are in your pjs, but it's so sexy you will feel like the center of attention in any room.  A definite must have for any lady wanting to make people notice.

Lynne Sweater Dress in Black and Gray
Birkin red bag by NC Paris
Mentine TYCOON boots and belt in red
Bliss Couture Butterflies hair in Caviar

And you thought that knits where only for your grandma!  Go check this store out.  They have gorgeous stuff. Stock up!

~Morgain Le fay


  1. A wonderful fall fashion story Morgain! You really have a way with words and you know how to style an outfit to bring out its very best nature. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Cindy! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I do :)