Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How young is too young?

In an industry where youthful looks are the most valuable of commodities, how young is too young for a model to appear in a provocative campaign?  The pages of fashion magazines are often filled with teenage girls who are barely exiting puberty.  These ingénues who range in age typically between 13 and 17 years old often are made to look as if in their 20s with makeup layers, sexy clothing and sometimes even depicted as smoking or in sexually provocative poses.  This is not something new.  We have grown accustomed to seeing their baby doll eyes staring back at us from the covers.  However, a few months ago a new precedent was set by a cover model for Vogue.  Take a look at the pictures below. Let me introduce you to Thylane Blondeau.

This gorgeous model with the piercing eyes that seem to entice the photographer to ravage her then and there is a mere 10 year old little girl.  Yes, you read right…TEN years old.  She hasn’t even entered puberty yet, and here she is in very sexy clothing, makeup and posing as a grown woman would in private for her lover.  So I ask you, how young is too young?

The fashion industry continuously bombards all media with images of younger and younger models.  The age wouldn’t be an issue, but it is the combination of children with sexually charged clothing and poses that is disturbing to me.  In a world where children are more and more being exploited and sexually abused, why are we continuing to allow and encourage such behavior from these organizations?  The images of this little girl are the equivalent of a Playboy spread for pedophiles the world over! 

10 year old Morgain Le Fay

I am not saying that if you are a child you should not model, simply that it should be age appropriate work.  I ask that each of us as individual be vigilant in the protection of our youth.  These are innocent children that should be allowed to play and learn at their own pace; not be made into sexual objects before they even are old enough to know the word.

In Second Life, we can represent ourselves in any age avatar we choose and it can be quite liberating.  However, there are those who would use that as a tool to further sexualize the image of a child.  Be vigilant and ensure that the world, whether RL or SL, is safe for children everywhere.  This is a serious issue and should not be ignored.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Steampunk Smexiness at Vintage Prices!

Ladies hold on to your bloomers! I just so happened to stumble across a new group, which of course I joined called Italian Taste Addicted, which is headed by non other than Aliza Karu!  

I was at Aliza's store, AD (Angels and Demons) when I found this incredible Steampunk Victorian Gothic superb skirt that was marked ON SALE!!!! This skirt is part of the group of items that are ON SALE today through this group.  Oh and all of the items are selling for 50L each!  For information regarding their items you can visit these websites:   http://theitaliantaste.blogspot.com/   http://monthlydeal.blogspot.com/

OK so like a rabbid zombie on a feeding binge I ran to every single store and picked up all of the COORDINATING pieces to complete the outfit.  Yes people, they are not RANDOM pieces on sale; they create a holy crap you are wearing the most amazing outfit possible ensemble!

Here are a few pictures of the outfit all put together.

Here is a close up of Aliza Karu's fabulous skirt for all to see! And it has a gorgeous bow in the back.

In this amazing gathering of designers you will get not only the coordinating shirt by Wap Design, but also a luscious makeup with nose ribbon from *LpD* Skins, an incredible hat that comes with the super glam white hair by Solidea Folies, and really great gear necklace from Rève Jewelry.  See below for pictures showing you the details.

Oh and did I mention there are SHOES?!!!!!  These are from Chrysalis.

Why are you still reading?!!! You should be at AD shopping right now!  Enjoy!!!

Fall Finds at Prism

To me there is nothing more fun than shopping for fall clothes.  I absolutely adore the color scheme with all it's rust, oranges, reds, yellows and browns.  Also, there is something very comforting about super soft and warm knits that just makes it feel like comfort food to me. It's like the clothes are hugging you softly and keeping you nice and cozy in the crisp autumn air.  I must tell you, I am very happy to have found the store called Prism thanks to my friend Jai who just MUST take me shopping sometimes. :)

To check out the store for yourself just take this taxi over:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bal%20Harbour/30/167/22 .

Today I bring you three outfits that I just had to have for when I want to rock the uber sexy and classy fall look while checking out the sites in SL.  The first is called Savanna, and I got this outfit in Orange!  It has a gorgeous Giraffe print on the cropped top (cause I just needed to have something that was between warm and hawt).  The jeans that come with it are in the matching color and fit like a glove! I love that the knit top has very nice long sleeves that flare out just a tiny bit to keep my hands nice and warm.

Savanna in Orange
MANDALA Mikoto belt
Finesmith Glance Jewelry set
Pixel Fashion Babsy Clogs in Brown
Pocket Mirror Sabrianne Hair

The next outfit is called Denise and I got this one in Maroon with Black shirt.  It comes with the pinstripe pants and cropped jacket as well as the super hot and sexy black halter top. The soft fabric on the pants and jacket have a bit of a sheen to them which makes it an excellent outfit you can take from day into a night on the town.

Denise in Maroon
CaTwA hair Caron Roots Gray
Virtual Impressions Beverly Jewelry set
N-Core shoes
MANDALA Kookai belt

The last outfit is a gorgeous and super comfortable knit mini dress called Lynne.  I got this one in Black and Gray and accented it with red accessories.  This is the kind of dress that is so comfortable you might think you are in your pjs, but it's so sexy you will feel like the center of attention in any room.  A definite must have for any lady wanting to make people notice.

Lynne Sweater Dress in Black and Gray
Birkin red bag by NC Paris
Mentine TYCOON boots and belt in red
Bliss Couture Butterflies hair in Caviar

And you thought that knits where only for your grandma!  Go check this store out.  They have gorgeous stuff. Stock up!

~Morgain Le fay

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Hotness at HoWear!

OK this one is for all you deliciously smexy Halloween hotties that need to work on a budget.  Here are some awesome FREE goodies from HoWear.


This is a COMPLETE avatar for Halloween that is FREE at HoWear. It brings the shape, skin, eyes, eyelashes, hair and full outfit!!!! Seriously if you pass up a fantastic freebie like this, you need to get your head examined. LOL

This is a FREE outfit from HoWear. I used my own shape but reused the free skin I got in the Free AVATAR and put it with the FREE Vanity Hair Group Gift! Can't beat it with a stick!

Enjoy!!!!!  ~Morgain Le Fay

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who wears the pants?

At this year's fashion week in NY the "IT" model this year was Andrej Pejic, who made his debut closing the spring Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris; also walks for John Galliano, Paul Smith, and Raf Simons.  What makes this model any different from all the others? Andrej is a MAN modeling as a WOMAN. 

His androgynous looks, 5'11" extra slim frame that has no hips or breasts makes him the perfect ideal for designers that are looking for the slim to the extreme look.  I have to say, if you look at the pictures of him on the runway you would never guess he's a man.  His looks make him appear as a gorgeous young blonde.  

Here's my question, if you can use a male model in RL to model women's fashion, what's the problem with RL males working as a FEMALE MODEL in SL or vice versa?  

In SL each of us is free to be whatever we so choose.  You can be any number of creatures, size from Mega to Tiny, or race. So I ask you, why do so many make such a big deal about whether or not the person behind the avatar modeling or competing for the crown in some pageant is in fact of the OPPOSITE SEX?

I personally don't have any interest in playing a boy in SL since I do love girl clothes so much, but I really couldn't care less if Bob in California wants to be Jenny in SL.  I don't understand why anyone would discriminate against anyone in SL based on what or who they are in RL.  Real Life has NOTHING to do with who we choose to be in Second Life.  Don't get me wrong, we bring in our personal values, ethics and personality traits, but we should not be limited by our RL selves in world.  After all, if we in fact had to provide REAL pictures of what we look like in RL most of us, me included, would not be models!  I mean geez, SL is the only place I can eat cheesecake and still be a size zero with abnormally long legs and a waist size that could not support my body in RL. LOL

I propose to you...stop discriminating against cross gender SL players!  A male playing a female or a female playing a male model doesn't have any negative impact on our business.  They aren't "lying" about who they are, the ARE this avatar in SL.  As long as they perform their jobs to as professionals, the gender behind the avatar should not affect the state of affairs in our industry.  

Discrimination is wrong, no matter the setting.  Let go of your bigotry and open up your mind to the possibilities that SL provides.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pretty in Prism...

My absolute favorite season is fall.  I love everything about it! I love the changing colors on the leaves that make the landscape look like it’s on fire. I adore the cool crisp mornings and evenings that make you want to snuggle by a fire. But the thing that I love the most is the fall wardrobe.  I really enjoy getting my new fall clothes!  There is nothing more fun for me than to hunt for the warmest and softest knits I can get my hands on, so you can imagine my ecstasy when I found a store called Prism!  The designer is Journey and she is wonderfully creative and highly talented! Her store manager is Herra and she's super friendly and very welcoming. If you ever have any questions about the garments they are more than happy to help.

This adorable and cozy outfit is called Laura and it comes in a variety of colors.  I chose the yellow and gray.  Its super cute and comfortable suede skirt in yellow is a great mini length so you can show of your gorgeous legs before the cold winter makes you hide them for a few months.  

However, it does bring long knit socks that match the top is extra soft wool to keep you warm when the breeze picks up.  The top of the socks is adorned with a very feminine ruffle as is the collar on the sweater top. 

(see top picture) The sweater sports a wonderfully open neckline that frames your shoulders making them look ever so sexy, and the ruffle begs to be touched! I for one am in love with the pattern and polka dots are very hot this season.  The dots bring a bit of vintage into a modern design that makes this outfit a classic must have for fall.  

Go get your own!  Here’s the SURL so you can get your shopping done!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is inworld shopping dead?

A friend and I recently got into a debate about SL shopping.  She is a merchant who believes there is nothing quite like visiting an actual store.   I personally begin all of my shopping trips on Marketplace.  What happened next lead me to this posting.....we argued as to whether or not inworld shopping will eventually become extinct in favor of Marketplace shopping.

To be honest, I think there is room for both in Second Life.  After all, in RL many of us shop online and still real stores still exist.  However, it depends on the goods and/or services.  For example, all video rental stores and book shops have closed down as more and more people realize they can get the same goods from the comfort of their own homes and with less cost and more variety.

On the other hand, we know there are goods that simply must be purchased at an actual store due to the fact that either we need to try them on, or we want the tactile reassurance of their quality.  In other words, we want to touch and feel them to make sure they are what we really want.

How does that translate to Second Life though?  It's not like you have to try on a pair of shoes to make sure they fit. So how can merchants ensure their continued presence inworld when shopping on Marketplace is so easy and efficient?  I attempted to convince my friend to understand the virtues of being on both simultaneously.

I can tell you personally, some of my favorite stores inworld, are places I found when I was window shopping on Marketplace.  Often times, I will find a random item on Marketplace and it makes me want to see the store.  It's where I go, when I want to explore new and interesting designs.  I would suggest not putting ALL of your stock on Marketplace; simply a sampling to get our appetites going for your goods.  It will draw our attention and lead us to explore your store inworld.

I'm not saying people don't use the inworld search and tp around to see what new places they can find.  I am one that does random tps around just to explore.  All I'm suggesting is that to stay relevant and increase traffic to your store, I would consider posting some of your merchandise on Marketplace.

Well that's just my two cents worth....Going back to my online window shopping now :)  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You are NOT your hair.....

What makes you beautiful as a woman?  Is it the size or shape of your breasts?  Is it the hair on your head?  Is it the makeup on your face? NO! It is your spirit.  Your femininity is held in your loving heart, that is so full of compassion for others.  It is kept in the arms that you use to hold and comfort someone.  It is in your smile that brightens even the darkest of days.  It is your strength that supports those around you as they make their way through the worst parts of their lives.  All of these attributes are yours forever and cannot be taken away.

This one goes out to our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who fight every day to stay with us and inspire us yet one more day.  You show us what true beauty is....inside and out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is there room for new blood in the fashion industry?

It seems everywhere I turn I see the same faces on walls, print, magazines, at castings, shows and even contests.   It's become the norm, that if a model is an established name/well known face she can pretty much walk into any casting or contest and expect to be in the top three at bare minimum.  Now, if more than one show up, the rest of us should pretty much just walk home as we are just background dancers to their Prima Donna performance.

Why is this so?  My limited experience and the word on the street says that up and coming designers are desperate for the marketing asset that an SL Supermodel can bring to their brand.  That of course, is a smart and sensible marketing strategy.  You need a good reputation fast so you hire a star to endorse your product.  I suppose that it's working, otherwise we, the general public and consumers, wouldn't frequent some of the lesser known shops.

This is not to take away from the incredible work that these Supermodels turn out.  I'm not implying that they are not deserving of their reputations or status.  On the contrary, I bow to their greatness and acquiesce to their supreme knowledge of styling, for it is them who inspire us to become better.

However, what I am questioning here today, is whether or not there is room for new blood in that category.  See, in RL, models AGE.  Where Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks were once at the top of their game, now they work behinds the scenes, while newer, fresher faces are allowed the spotlight.

What happens in a world where there is no aging, and you can change your physical appearance at will to keep with the current trends?  Does this mean that the ones that are at the top, will never get old, will never be dated and can work as THEE face of SL for eternity?

Where does this leave the rest of us?  I have seen many try to become clones of the select few Icons of SL.  More and more schools teach models how to make their shapes mimic those of these models and some even suggest having their shapes made either in the image or by the star herself.  Are we to become interchangeable drones? Copies of copies of copies......of the original?

And there there are those of us who don't want to be like the others.  In a world that is sooooooo afraid to stray from what worked in the past, and is so focused on worshiping the ones that are the "standard," how do you make people take notice and SEE what's new and exciting?  Is it even possible, or has the fashion industry just become the next PREFAB?  Perhaps they will begin to make model templates and issue them at the schools, to make it easier to assimilate. Hmmmm, I think I now know what the Borg evolved into.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And then there was me....

Sedusa by Dienzo
Do you know that moment? Do you remember how it felt in gym class when you are standing with the rest of the group as the two kids in the front pick from your peers? They keep calling them; Jimmy, Suzy, Penny, Rob, and yet you are still standing.  

In your mind you keep thinking, "they are going to call my name any second," but they don't. Now you are standing all alone as you look at the kid's face who's turn it is to pick and see that look of disappointment.  

You stand there looking at each other with that look of quiet resignation and sigh as you make your way towards the team in which you are inevitably forced to play. 

Yup, that was me..... The pale goth girl who really just wanted to sit in the corner and read, but due to regulations was forced to play nice with the other kids, even though they were all sort of scared of her. *grins wickedly

Needless to say, I have extensive experience in being the odd one out :)  Why do I tell you this strange little story you may ask?  Because, I want you to understand that my need to be different and see things in a different light is not an attempt to be rebellious, it is WHO and WHAT I am at my core.  

If you chose to follow my blog, you should expect the unexpected, for I do not like to be typecast in any small box.  My blog might contain an article about how to be the most disgustingly chic zombie in the post apocalypse one day, and talk about how to properly style your Haute Couture dress in a vintage old Hollywood style the next.  

All I'm saying is....here I am, and you HAVE been warned....*insert evil laugh here