Friday, October 14, 2011

Pretty in Prism...

My absolute favorite season is fall.  I love everything about it! I love the changing colors on the leaves that make the landscape look like it’s on fire. I adore the cool crisp mornings and evenings that make you want to snuggle by a fire. But the thing that I love the most is the fall wardrobe.  I really enjoy getting my new fall clothes!  There is nothing more fun for me than to hunt for the warmest and softest knits I can get my hands on, so you can imagine my ecstasy when I found a store called Prism!  The designer is Journey and she is wonderfully creative and highly talented! Her store manager is Herra and she's super friendly and very welcoming. If you ever have any questions about the garments they are more than happy to help.

This adorable and cozy outfit is called Laura and it comes in a variety of colors.  I chose the yellow and gray.  Its super cute and comfortable suede skirt in yellow is a great mini length so you can show of your gorgeous legs before the cold winter makes you hide them for a few months.  

However, it does bring long knit socks that match the top is extra soft wool to keep you warm when the breeze picks up.  The top of the socks is adorned with a very feminine ruffle as is the collar on the sweater top. 

(see top picture) The sweater sports a wonderfully open neckline that frames your shoulders making them look ever so sexy, and the ruffle begs to be touched! I for one am in love with the pattern and polka dots are very hot this season.  The dots bring a bit of vintage into a modern design that makes this outfit a classic must have for fall.  

Go get your own!  Here’s the SURL so you can get your shopping done!

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  1. OMG that is all lovely - thank you so much for posting about this outfit.

    BTW Laura will be released this upcoming Wednesday October 19th.