Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And then there was me....

Sedusa by Dienzo
Do you know that moment? Do you remember how it felt in gym class when you are standing with the rest of the group as the two kids in the front pick from your peers? They keep calling them; Jimmy, Suzy, Penny, Rob, and yet you are still standing.  

In your mind you keep thinking, "they are going to call my name any second," but they don't. Now you are standing all alone as you look at the kid's face who's turn it is to pick and see that look of disappointment.  

You stand there looking at each other with that look of quiet resignation and sigh as you make your way towards the team in which you are inevitably forced to play. 

Yup, that was me..... The pale goth girl who really just wanted to sit in the corner and read, but due to regulations was forced to play nice with the other kids, even though they were all sort of scared of her. *grins wickedly

Needless to say, I have extensive experience in being the odd one out :)  Why do I tell you this strange little story you may ask?  Because, I want you to understand that my need to be different and see things in a different light is not an attempt to be rebellious, it is WHO and WHAT I am at my core.  

If you chose to follow my blog, you should expect the unexpected, for I do not like to be typecast in any small box.  My blog might contain an article about how to be the most disgustingly chic zombie in the post apocalypse one day, and talk about how to properly style your Haute Couture dress in a vintage old Hollywood style the next.  

All I'm saying is....here I am, and you HAVE been warned....*insert evil laugh here

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