Friday, December 16, 2011

The Great Dame.....

They say that behind every powerful man there is a strong woman.  I suppose if you are a strong enough woman, you can support two very powerful men at the same time.  What happens when those men are on the opposite sides of the law?

She married young to an idealist lawyer convinced he could make a better future for the citizens of Chicago, even though everyone knew the mob continues to run their speakeasies and buy the politicians and cops.  She loved his optimism and righteousness. She comes from a good family of social standing and class. how is it that this same woman could fall in love with a mob thug?

She lives in her guilded cage, protected from all but yearning for adventure. It had been too long since she felt her pulse race with excitement. As she walked home from the theater one night, her husband left her to deal with some new murder that was reported to the State Attorney's Office.  She was but two blocks from home and felt completely safe. Had she known what was ahead of her, perhaps she would have asked her husband to take her with him....or maybe not.

He was hiding in the shadows of the alley before her block.  Her eyes softly glancing ahead, lost in thought arranging her appointments for the following day, she didn't even hear his footsteps as he stepped behind her. Suddenly his strong arms embraced her from behind in a tight grip lifting her off the ground.  A large hand covered her mouth.

Her heart was beating strong and fast as wild fear and excitement filled her veins.  He pulled her into the alley and into the darkness.  He whispered softly into her ear with a voice that resembled the low growl of a wild lion. "Don't make a sound lady and I will let you live."  She could barely breathe!

"I have a message for you, and you need to pay attention cause I don't repeat myself.  The boss wants you to get us information on the case your husband is working on. If you do this, I will let you and your family live. If you don't give me nothin' then well, I gots to do my job."

Her veins went cold with fear at the words. The man stepped back just enough to be able to finally see his face.  Through the shadows a hint of light glistened on his grey eyes.  His gaze was penetrating.  His lips were full and inviting, yet seemed fearsome, as if he could devour you instantly.  There was a scar across one of his brows that gave his face a strong character. He was strong and tall, and most definitely looked like he meant business.

She swallowed hard and said, "very well Sir...And what shall I call you and how will I find you?"  He grinned seductively at her.  "My name is Myrlin and I'll find you"

And with that, started a passionate affair filled with danger, betrayal, passion, love, hate, jealousy and obsession.  Where it will end, no one knows.

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